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Kamloops Event Photography by Peter Olsen

The Art of Event Photography I know, the title of this blog, “The Art of Event Photography”, may sound a little pompous and boastful; however, there is 'art' to doing it right and capturing those special moments. As a Kamloops Event Photographer, I'd like to share...

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“Giving Thanks” by Commercial Photographer Peter Olsen

Commercial Photographer Peter Olsen - There's no better time to give thanks than right now...on Thanksgiving Day weekend. I think it's safe to say that most of us have a lot of things to be thankful for, but tend to focus on the negative, at times. I know, I've been...

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Kamloops by Commercial Photographer Peter Olsen

Our Beautiful City - Kamloops Long before I launched the commercial photography site, as a Commercial Photographer - Olsen Imaging  most of my photographic journey's involved capturing scenic Landscapes and Cityscapes of Kamloops and region. That passion has never...

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“Welcome Landing” – Commercial Photography

The Freedom of Flight  I've always been thrilled by airplanes.  Growing up in Vancouver, I remember asking my dad, on numerous occasions, to take me out to Vancouver International Airport, so I could watch the planes taking off and landing. My 4 brothers and sisters...

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Commercial Photographer – Google Link for Olsen Imaging

Hi Below is the link to review and rate my work as a Commercial Photographer on My Google Business page.  That's the page that pops up when anyone searches Olsen Imaging or Kamloops Photographers on Google. I would be delighted if you could review the business, based...

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Introducing Commercial Photographer – Peter Olsen

Even though I spent much of my professional life working behind a microphone, as a morning radio host in Talk Radio, when I wasn’t pressing a camera shutter as a Commercial photographer, and have interviewed thousands of guests from all walks of life, I have never written an online blog in my life…until now.

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