We’ve all heard the proverb: “It takes a Village to Raise a Child”. There’s a lot of truth to that adage. I also believe, it takes a team to build a business. I know that first hand, when I re-branded and re-focused my Commercial photography business and created Olsen Imaging. Plus, I’m happy to say that my Stock photo site, that’s been around for years and focuses on Kamloops and area Landscapes, Cityscapes and Lifestyle photos, is still as popular as ever.  You can find it at

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, photography has been in my DNA as long as I remember, so it only made sense that something that began as a fascination, turned into a hobby, then a side-hustle for 13 years and now a full-time profession. With that metamorphosis, emerged Olsen Imaging; a Commercial photography business, based in Kamloops, BC, but willing to pack its’ bags and travel.




Once I determined what genres of photography I was going to tackle, based on market demands and my skill-set, I needed help to make it happen. A big part of that process was finding a media marketing and web design partner that could guide me through that long and winding road, with apologies to the Fab Four. Enter ROI Media Works, based in Kamloops, but with tentacles reaching far and wide. At the helm of ROI is its’ founder Krishna Lakkineni. From the moment I met Krishna, there was a good vibe and I trusted him as a person and as a guy who knows his business; web design and digital marketing. His associate Malakai Hunt rounded out the dynamic duo, with apologies to the Dark Knight. Plus, there are several other players that contribute to the winning team. After many planning sessions, we decided on a web design and business template. I must say that the guys at ROI have the patience of a Saint, since I contacted them incessantly, at all hours, peppering them with questions and ideas. By the way, that hasn’t stopped. Then, in August of 2018, the day arrived.


It was launch day and I felt like an expectant father, waiting for the arrival of his first-born. Voila, we were online! It wasn’t a nine month gestation, but the wait sure seemed like it at times. The re-branding came with not only a new user-friendly and business focused website, but a new logo as well…an ingenuous graphic of a camera-frame, with a working shutter at its’ center. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take a photo of you when you click it. At least, I don’t think so?



The one thing I’ve learned with business, especially in this rapidly evolving technological age, is that nothing stays the same. The pros at ROI Media works know this all too well, as their modus operandi is to respond to changing markets and technology and anticipate new trends and demands. With that in mind, the new website has been tweaked several times, to make it even more user-friendly and responsive to your needs. I and my media partners ROI Media Works welcome any suggestions or beefs you may have about Olsen Imaging. All you need to do is click on the Contact page or email me directly at


It’s 2019 and I look forward to the coming year with great anticipation and excitement. Your support last year was simply outstanding and I was honoured to serve your photographic needs. My aim is to continue to create professional, focused, memorable and effective Still imagery, to help you market your products and services, reinforce your brand and bolster your bottom line.

To infinity and beyond.

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